Talkin' Trades Edition - Episode 6

Bruce Carraway -What To Do When You Are Injured on the Job Site

Attorney Bruce Carraway joins Talkin' Trades to talk about what to do in case you are hurt on the job, and what your options are as a tradesperson. When should you report an injury, What are your options, when (and when not) to contact an attorney. How to stay in good graces with your employer while taking care of yourself and your family. What rights you have as an employee, as a union member, and more. Great discussion

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01:36 - What is the first thing you should do when you are injured on the job. 03:28 - What the insurance company knows and how they use it against you 04:33 - How long you have to report your injury 06:39 - How long can they "starve you out" 8:46 - When (and when not) to hire an attorney 11:05 - Can an attorney help you negotiate for lost wages? 12:50 - How does working overtime factor in to the liability of being injured on the job? 14:17 - What happens if you lose your ability moving forward to perform the skill you were trained to do? 17:02 - Any obligations to find the current employer to find you suitable employment? 19:36 - When do you need to contact an attorney after you're injured? 21:14 - What about supplemental insurance products like income replacement policies?

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Bruce Carraway -What To Do When You Are Injured on the Job Site


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