Video Production

We Help You Tell Your Union Story

People judge you by what they see and hear. Every Local has compelling stories that inspire others to join. It is imperative to have a good video strategy if you want to grow marketshare and keep attracting the best tradespeople to your Local. We are experts at finding the compelling stories that are unique to your Local's jurisdiction and bring them to life with the highest quality video and audio equipment and production.

These are just a sampling of the hundreds of videos we write, produce, direct, and edit for Local Skilled Trades Unions.

Si usted es un electricista, usted pertenece aquí.

75 Years of History IBEW 1579

IBEW Local 613 

Since you were a baby, they told you to "go to college". They were wrong.

You Belong. Here.

The Apprenticeship Experience - For High School Educators in Georgia

Careers for women in the construction and building trades in Georgia

The Best Path to Become an Electrician in Augusta, Georgia

Remember Your Big Boy Toys? Georgia Heavy Equipment Operators.

Atlanta Youth Build. Hands-on learning for careers in construction

Georgia Construction Careers

Electricians. We're Hiring Right Now.

You don't have to go to college to have an excellent career with great pay!


Social Media Video Content

REELS / SHORTS: One Union. One Family. One Voice. Together.


Coffee with Kenny - Episode 10

Biscuits for the Building Trades

5 Things to Consider when Looking for a Career

Campaign Advertising

Union Up helps our Locals and their allies write, produce, edit, and distribute issues-based and political-based stories for your jurisdiction. We specialize in crafting a narrative that is well-written, aesthetically beautiful, and compelling to tell influential stories that persuade on the issues and candidates that are important to your Local.

Keybo Taylor for Sheriff- Unwavering Leadership

Georgia Foundation for Fair Contracting

Cornerstone Benefits Management- Paycheck Protection Claimants' Experiences


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