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Union Up specializes, and only works with skilled trades unions all across this country. They do everything from geo-fencing, to marketing and media. They shoot video, run internet campaigns, they do a lot. Union Up is a good company. We love working with them, and we're proud we have them in our bag of tricks.

Kenny Mullins

Business Manager, IBEW Local 613

We've been with Union Up for three years now. It's one of the smartest moves I've ever made. They help us with our communication with potential members, to current members, to contractors. It's been a great partnership, a great experience for us, and I'm very proud to continue to do so.

Bill Blackman

Business Manager, IBEW Local 136

The thing that sticks out the most to me is that Union Up cares. They understand who we are and what we're about, which makes their ability to capture our message that much greater.

Jarrett Wade

Organizer/Marketing Rep, UA Local Union 72, Georgia/Carolina’s Pipe Trades

Union Up is really good at what they do because they get what WE do. They only work with organized labor, and work with several locals around here who use their company for all sorts of projects.

Chris Carr

GA Alliance for Fair Contracting

Who is Union Up?

For us to thrive as a nation, there simply must be a path to the middle class through the dignity and nobility of the trades... and the skilled trade unions are the last and best hope for that to remain a possibility.

Rutland Walker

Founder of Union Up


What Does Union Up Do?

We help Local Trade Unions recruit new members, grow marketshare, and increase contractor roles. Using the latest digital communication tools and media marketing techniques to attract the right people for the Local, Union Up supports the Business Manager for the betterment of the Local and its members.

Union Up supports skilled trade unions because the unions are an excellent place for a young man to pull himself up by his bootstraps, learn high-demand skills to build a productive career, and belong to something with a greater purpose than himself.

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