The Working Man Interview Podcast
The Working Man Interview is a podcast that tackles issues facing working men. Many men in our country are suffering from a dearth of purpose and meaning, no longer sure of their place in the world. Careers, family, finances, legislation, mental health, and more, TWMI is built around the purpose of helping men be the best version of themselves. We support skilled trade unions because the unions are an excellent place for a young man to pull himself up by his bootstraps, learn high-demand skills to build a productive career, and belong to something with a greater purpose than himself.

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TWMI Episode 5

Building a Purpose- Teaching Career Skills to At-Risk Youth

TWMI Episode 4

Legal Talk- Managing Debt Beyond COVID-19 and the CARES Act

TWMI Episode 3

What to Do About Your Mortgage During COVID-19

TWMI Episode 2

History of Hysteria: How Coronavirus Compares with Another Historical Panic, Polio

TWMI Episode 1

Men, Misconceptions, and Making a Living in Construction


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