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The Working Man Interview Podcast
The Working Man Interview is a podcast that tackles issues facing working men. Many men in our country are suffering from a dearth of purpose and meaning, no longer sure of their place in the world. Careers, family, finances, legislation, mental health, and more, TWMI is built around the purpose of helping men be the best version of themselves. We support skilled trade unions because the unions are an excellent place for a young man to pull himself up by his bootstraps, learn high-demand skills to build a productive career, and belong to something with a greater purpose than himself.

Episode 5

Building a Purpose- Teaching Career Skills to At-Risk Youth

Our youth is at the most risk between ages 16-24. Learning a marketable trade skill as a young person can mean the difference between fulfillment and despair. Georgia Building Trades Academy's Project Director Kristina Smith joins TWMI to talk about YouthBuild. This program teaches young people the trade skills necessary to begin a career in the construction industry. She explains who qualifies, how you can get involved, and what to expect.

Episode 4

Legal Talk- Managing Debt Beyond COVID-19 and the CARES Act

The federal government is sending checks. But what happens long after the CARES Act money dries up? What do we do then? What payments take priority? What about child support? Mortgage? Car payments? What options do you have if you can't pay your bills? Attorney Michael R. Rethinger, a well-respected Atlanta bankruptcy attorney, joins TWMI to talk about the lasting financial effects of COVID-19 on working men, and how you can manage moving forward. (Recorded March 29, 2020)

Episode 3

What to Do About Your Mortgage During COVID-19

Most of us who work and own a mortgage are worried about the immediate future due to the coronavirus. How will we pay our mortgage? What programs are out there to help? What steps should we take to save our home and our credit? Mortgage expert Bob Griffin with Sound Choice Mortgage, joins TWMI to talk about the state of your mortgage and what you can do to protect yourself. (Recorded March 22, 2020)

Episode 2

History of Hysteria: How Coronavirus Compares with Another Historical Panic, Polio

Has there ever been a time in our country when working families were so concerned over a pandemic like COVID-19? The panic over coronavirus in the United States in many ways mirrors another mysterious epidemic from our country's past: Polio. Warner Books author Pat Cunningham Devoto is our guest. Her book "My Last Days as Roy Rogers" is about the polio summers in the south during the 1950's. We compare and contrast similarities and differences between the current panic, rumors and innuendo, quarantines, public policy of the 1950's vs what we're going through today in a fascinating conversation about history that gives some perspective on what we are currently experiencing. (Recorded March 13, 2020)

Episode 1

Men, Misconceptions, and Making a Living in Construction

Discussion on young men working with a purpose, what a construction apprenticeship is really like, and how to build a meaningful career in construction. Rutland Walker interviews Business Manager Bill Blackman and President Ross Roberson of IBEW Local 136 out of Birmingham.

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