Talkin' Trades Edition - Episode 8

"The Apprenticeship Experience"

Jeff Rogers, Director of the Mechanical Trades Institute, and Andy Sumpter from the Mechanical Contractors Association join "Talkin' Trades" to discuss the upcoming event called "The Apprenticeship Experience" on March 18th, 2022 for High School Teachers, Administrators, and Counselors at the Mechanical Training Institute in Atlanta. School faculty and administration may not know all the lucrative career opportunities that exist in the mechanical trades and this event will give them inside look at the school, the training facilities, and access to the faculty to see all the opportunities for students who will be graduation soon. Not only will they see all the excellent training and equipment available and talk to staff, they will be able to see for themselves what career opportunities are available for their students. It's a hands-on event that is available to any Educators who are interested educating their students about our program.

The Apprenticeship Experience

Friday, March 18th, 2022 9AM-12N

6120 Purdue Drive SW Atlanta GA 30336

Register/RSVP at

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"The Apprenticeship Experience"


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