Organize 24.7™ Recruiting Programs

Onsite. Online. Ongoing.™

Your organizers need highly targeted digital support to be as effective as possible. They need to be able to geo-target job sites, talk to young people about joining your local, and have ready-made leads delivered to their mobile phones. Union Up's Organize 24.7 Recruiting Programs are built specifically for this. Our programs use big data and streamlined automation to deliver real-time information about experienced tradespeople, apprentices, and contractors who are ready to work with you.
We will customize a program for your recruiting efforts.

Entry Level

Member Magnet

  • Digital Recruiting Micro Site
  • Trade-specific Recruiting Video
  • Lead Signups and List Management
  • Lead Gen Cards w/custom vanity logo
  • Contact us for additional details

Level 2

Organize 24.7

  • Level 1 Recruiting Items PLUS...
  • Targeted Social Media Advertising
  • Custom Video to your Jurisdiction
  • Lead Nurturing Campaign
  • Contact us for additional details

Level 3

Golden Ticket

  • Level 1 and 2 Recruiting Items PLUS...
  • High Octane Unlimited Website
  • Digital Monthly Member Newsletter
  • Full Service Agency Resources
  • Contact us for additional details

Always Be Recruiting

Lead Nurturing

As in any relationship, the people who respond to your ads often need to be nurtured. They may initially respond to the ads we run for you, but that doesn't necessarily mean they are a lead you can use. They must first see themselves in your story. Union Up's Organize 24.7™ program stays in touch with your prospects, serves them with relevant stories and content, and deepens their understanding of the opportunities your local union provides.


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