Talkin' Trades Edition - Episode 2

Randy Beall from Atlanta and North Georgia Building Trades

Randy Beall, Business Manager for the Atlanta North Georgia Building Trades Council and 33-year veteran sheet metal union member, joins Talkin' Trades to discuss the role of ANGBTC in the community, in promoting business opportunities in the trades, and political issues facing the union trades on Capitol Hill. Having recently met with Governor Kemp's staff, Randy shares insights on issues facing local unions and how he and his staff advocate for unions and working families in Atlanta and North Georgia. We also discuss the new upcoming project called "The Gulch" in Atlanta, the idea of casino gambling in Georgia, the local skilled trades unions role in building the new Teamsters building as a 100% union job, the Georgia Building Trades Academy Youth Build Program and more.

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Randy Beall Atlanta and North Georgia Building Trades


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