Talkin' Trades Edition - Episode 3

How to Plan Your Retirement in the Union Trades

Comfortable retirement with plenty of money to do what you want with your life for years after you retire is one of the reasons why tradespeople join a union. But are you prepared? How important is retirement planning for someone in the union trades? How much should a journeyman save for retirement? When should you begin saving as a young journeyman, or even as an apprentice, without compromising the cash flow you need to live your life? Should you have long term care insurance as a tradesperson? How many ways can you draw social security (the number will shock you!) and when are you eligible to do so? How do you manage debt as you move toward retirement? Larry Boggs from American Retirement Solutions works exclusively with union crafts and he joins the "Talkin' Trades" podcast to discuss these questions and more. It's well worth the 17 minutes. You can reach Larry at 404-234-6950 or

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How to Plan Your Retirement in the Union Trades


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