Talkin' Trades Edition - Episode 7

Dealing with Tragedy- The role of faith on the job-site and in life

Construction sites can sometimes be a tough place to be as a person of faith. From topical situations like salty language, questionable behavior, and ethics violations, to more severe issues like anxiety and depression, grief, drug and alcohol abuse, domestic violence, suicide and other issues that come up, not just on the jobsite, but in many areas of life. Brother Steven Bell, Pastor of Way of the Cross Baptist Church in McDonough, GA joins Talkin' Trades to talk about the role of faith on the jobsite, among peers on the jobs, and living out ones faith while on the job. Brother Steven came up through the trades as an IUEC Elevator Operator and knows this all to well. Today he shares his story with us in a compelling episode of Talkin' Trades.

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If you need help or want to talk, you can reach Steven at: Address: 1640 Mt Carmel Rd, McDonough, GA 30253 Phone: (770) 305-9047 04:57 - How do you deal with language and actions that are in direct conflict with your faith on the jobsite? 11:44 - How receptive are employers to people of faith on the job? 17:20 - Brother Steven shares his story and his walk 21:10 - How he dealt with tragedy 22:35 - Tools to deal with tragedy 27:43 - Dealing with the stress of COVID, guilt of the survivors, etc. 29:57 - How do you comfort someone you work with who has experienced a tragedy? 33:47 - Is there any difference in how you would talk to someone who has experienced a tragedy of their own making vs. a tragedy outside of their control? 36:49 - How do you take that first step in self-help and who do you reach out to? 40:45 - What do you do when someone confides in a problem that you're not equipped to deal with (such as suicidal thoughts, domestic issues)? 44:10 - Are there online resources to help if you're not ready to talk to someone about something that is going on in your life?

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Dealing with Tragedy- The role of faith on the job-site and in life


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