In the Beginning, There was Adam

In the Beginning, There was Adam

Solidarity Sunday: In the Beginning, There was Adam

In the early days of my media career, I met Adam. He was the general manager of an auto dealer who was absolutely crushing it. In a short period of time, his dealership had gone from a relative unknown to one of the largest dealers in his category in the state. So much so that he was invited to speak to our entire sales team about his success.

He said, "First of all, our customers aren't "customers", they are "members" of a club we created. Customers come and go, but members belong to something by choice. So, we created a profile of who we wanted our ideal 'member' to be, and we based that membership on these 3 things:

  1. Are there enough of them?
  2. Do we have what they need to meet their needs?
  3. Can we 'super serve' so they won't want to go anywhere else?

"Once we had identified who our ideal member was and we dedicated enough resources, our 2-step strategy became simple.

  • Insert ourselves into their path and tell our story before they need us in places they naturally spend lots of time.
  • Be there in places they naturally go to look for us when they need us"

Simple. Relevant. Brilliant.

This strategy can be applicable and effective for any local union. Thinking through who makes an ideal member, how to recruit them in a hyper-connected world, how you can meet their needs, and how your local can super serve your members is, such that you become a preferred destination to non-union is an excellent exercise to undertake.

As local unions you may not have the kind of budgets that an aggressive auto dealership in a major market has but thanks to research available to you via the internet, you do have the resources to identify who makes an ideal potential member. You have so many great stories in your local just waiting to be told, and thanks to digital and social media and affordable services like "Organize 24/7", you have the targeting resources to both insert your story in their path, and the tools to be there when they need you.

May is Mental Health Month

Mental health is a subject that we at Union Up, along with many of our local union clients are passionate about. Particularly as it relates to 95% of our membership base…men. I don't know one business manager who hasn't had at least one or more members take his own life. Suicide is 4x more likely in the construction trades than in the general population. Work conditions, substance abuse, and domestic stress all can contribute to this. Recently we hosted nationally renowned psychiatrist, Dr. Daniel Bober, on our Union Up podcast. Dr. Bober and has been a featured subject matter expert on numerous media outlets like NBC, Fox News, CNN, etc. We talked to Dr. Bober about work-related stresses that can lead to mental health problems, and how we as fellow construction workers and union members can help our brothers and sisters on and off the job.
Click above to watch podcast: Men's mental health and suicide prevention on the jobsite


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