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What Does Your Site Say About You

Solidarity Sunday: What Does Your Site Say About You

Stay Ahead of the Competition in 2023: The Importance of Updating Your Website

The jobsite may be where your members go to work, the Hall may by where they conduct their business and get their referrals, but your website is the front porch of your local. It says more about your local than you know. If we're going to grow and change and stay relevant, then our websites need to reflect that. Ask yourself these questions about your website...

Can they see a future there? In 2023, a super-fast, modern, mobile-friendly design that is quick and easy to navigate is not only desired, it is expected. Your members and prospects are coming to your site by a mobile phone nearly 70% of the time. With the labor market for skilled trades as tight as it is, we want to make our best first impression and attract the brightest and best we can. Your site needs to reflect that with a modern look and excellent performance.

Is information easy to find and retrieve? It's great if your website has lots of information but, if it's hard to navigate, what's the point. You will only frustrate your visitors. We've become impatient and we expect to find what we're looking for in seconds. About 80% of the information your members seek comes from 20% of the pages on your site. Looking at your website flow and user experience can tell you a lot about how your members use your site. We just re-launched a new website design for a local that had a lot of unindexed 'flat files' on their old site that could no longer be accessed and were unsearchable. The administration was unaware of this.

Does your site close the loop on communication? When someone sends correspondence through your site, is it automatically and immediately tended to, or does it sit in someone's email box until they respond? If you haven't done a deep dive on your site, you may be surprised how many important messages get lost in the woods. Especially when administrations change over. There are countless messages that get lost through broken email addresses or links. That's a reflection on the current administration whether we like it or not. With a little strategy and planning we can create a closed-loop system where nothing gets lost and every message is resolved quickly and correctly.

When is the last time you checked your security? Security is a big deal and threats are constantly changing. It's important to ensure that your website is a platform that is secure and consistently being updated for security purposes, both for your administration and your members. Updating your website can keep you one step ahead of potential threats and keep your site safe. With many local union sites, there is sensitive member information such as SSN's, work history, grievances, and personal information that you can be held responsible for if the local doesn't do everything in its power to protect its members.

If you are interested in seeing how your website performs, we offer a free diagnostic report.




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