Are you Growing or Fixed?

Solidarity Sunday: Are you Growing or Fixed?

After sticking the acupuncture needles in a particular area of my foot, Dr. Sui (my acupuncturist) pressed on a previously painful and tender area of my abdomen, and asked "How does it feel now"? Amazed, I replied, "Much better. That's incredible! Is what you're doing really working physiologically or is it just psychosomatic?"

I believe in acupuncture. I've personally experienced its pain relief and healing properties in my own body and I go frequently. I swear by it. Others, even those who I've recommended and made an appointment, say "tried and it didn't work on me". How can something so clearly beneficial to me and scientifically validated, have little or no result with someone else?

His reply told me everything. "Psychosomatic is good", he said. It hit me like a ton of bricks. The difference, in so many areas of life, is mindset. If my mind believes it is working, I am more likely to experience its benefits.

Turns out there is much science behind mindset and its effect. Dr. Carol Dweck became famous for her research and her TedTalk on "Growth vs Fixed" mindset.

A fixed mindset person sees threat. They are resistant to change, even if new experiences disprove their existing beliefs. They're less likely to take chances or believe in their ability to affect change in their lives or their organizations.

A growth mindset person sees opportunity. People with this mindset are less likely to define themselves, and more likely to embrace new ideas and risks. They take on challenges from a place of optimism rather than fear.

This is true in every aspect of our business. From organizing new members and contractors, growing membership and market share, to hiring people in your administrative.

When Union Up makes group presentations on our "Organize 24/7" program, I can immediately tell who has a fixed mindset and who has a growth mindset by the questions they ask. The fixed mindset people are worried about 'being sold something' and ask questions about price, and risk, and exposure. The growth mindset people see its potential as an effective new tool, and focus on return on investment, growth and attracting new people and contractors. They're excited about what it can do for their Local Union.

"Fixed" leaders operate with a spirit of fear, risk, and insufficiency. They believe that a rising tide can sink us. "Growth" leaders operate with a spirit of love, potential, and opportunity. They believe a rising tide can raise all boats. A growth mindset is essential to growing market share and new efforts that yield new results, and it is essential in growing your Local Union.

Are You Getting Your Members Involved?

Nobody can tell our story like we can! So if you're doing any advertising or campaigning, are you getting your members involved? This football season (and last year too), we invited IBEW Local 915 brothers and sisters of different classifications to be the "voice" of their radio campaign. Union Up wrote the scripts and brought the recording equipment, the team provided the venue and hospitality, and the members did the rest! The members voiced the commercials that are currently running durning the Tampa Bay Bucs games. They did an excellent job, and we all had a ton of fun!


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